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Code of Professional Conduct

The work we do as Healthcare Ethics & Compliance Professionals is aimed at fostering an ethical organizational culture and enabling our organizations to embody in their vision, mission, strategy and activities, the public interest, striving to ensure a fair, transparent and empowering synergy between organizational objectives and such public interest.

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News and Events

2023 ETHICS Annual Summit / 2023 HETHICO Event is taking place soon!

2023 ETHICS Webinar 2: Ethics by design in Decision Making Framework

Our Member's Voice

Portrait du membre présenté
"At a time when Compliance, Ethics and Business Integrity have never been so crucial for all industries, my colleagues and I are proud to have created this Association which is comprised of leading professionals responsible for Compliance and Ethics in major Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Companies."
Dominique Laymand
Honorary President
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"ETHICS is an independent forum to raise questions and sharing ideas and good practices linked to very dynamic market changes and evolutions. Via open dialogues with peers and experienced compliance professionals I could always enrich my compliance perspective and knowledge."
Andreas Gascard
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"As an Ethics and Compliance professional, I am very proud that we have created ETHICS as a Think Tank and support for our profession in the life sciences industry that is known for its patient focused innovation in a fast changing environment where doing the right thing the right way and with high integrity is key."
Tamara Tubin
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"ETHICS is a safe space where new game-changing ideas are generated, nurtured, and implemented to equip our profession with the instruments it needs to face the current and future challenges of the evolving healthcare sector."
Piergiorgio Pepe

Member's Access

In the memory of Dave O’Shaughnessy, we would like to invite you all to the first 2021 ETHICS online webinar on 22nd February at 14h CET. The following topics, which were close to Dave’s heart, will be covered by a range of speakers coming from both the industry and consulting world.