2023 ETHICS Webinar 3: Competency Framework

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Dear ETHICS members and enthusiasts,

We are delighted to invite you to our third webinar for 2023, free of charge for our members. Enrol for the webinar now!


Monday, December 11th, 3-4:30 PM CEST

Our speakers for this webinar are ETHICS members Andy Gascard, Tamara Tubin, and Sue Egan, Chiara Sandri and Stefano Tortis. All are members of the small team who developed our Competency Framework and corresponding Tool Kit for ETHICS members.

During the webinar we will discuss what the Competency Framework is, why we need it, and how members can make use of both the Competency Framework and the Tool Kit to help move forward in their own careers, and / or to help their ethics and compliance team members.

Warm regards

The ETHICS Strategic Committee