About Ethics Association

The Board

The Board of Directors has, subject to compliance with the corporate purpose, the power to act in the Association’s name, to decide upon and carry out any transactions relating to the said purpose, in compliance with the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly. It is elected by secret vote of the General Assembly from among all members of the Association, for a period of three (3) years.

The members of the Board of Directors can be re-elected without any limitation in time and it may delegate all or part of its powers to the Association’s officers or to certain of its members.

The Board of Directors meets whenever necessary and on at least two (2) occasions per year, by any means, including telephone conference calls.

For a more detailed description of its role, please see the Articles of Association and Internal rules of the Association

The board Members

Portrait du membre
Dominique Laymand
Honorary President
Portrait du membre
Roeland van Aelst
Portrait du membre
Thomas K. Hauser
Portrait du membre
Anne-Sophie Bricca
Secretary General
Portrait du membre
Sue Egan
Portrait du membre
Stephen Nguyen Duc
Portrait du membre
Piergiorgio Pepe
Portrait du membre
Tamara Tubin

The Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee is the Association’s organ of strategic governance. It is Co-chaired by Nadège Rochel and Piergiorgio Pepe, ETHICS Board members. This Committee composing 15-20 members, is the body that determines the main guidelines, as well as the main priorities and action areas for the Association. The members of the Strategic Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors, which may replace or appoint a new member at any time.

Imelda Alvarez
Michael Bartke
Anne-Sophie Bricca Secretary General
Rika DeVille
Laetitia Ducroquet
Diva Duong
Sue Egan
Bruno Falcone
Nikita Filimonow
Andreas Gascard
Thomas K. Hauser Treasurer
Dominique Laymand Honorary President
Piergiorgio Pepe
Kurt Seiler
Evgenia Taratynova
Tamara Tubin
Roeland van Aelst Chairman
Stephanie Wingrove