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The Association welcomes new members. Candidates for membership must be professionals or experts in Compliance and / or Ethics in the Healthcare Sector, whether from industry, schools, universities, training centers or even government or quasi-government bodies. The Board may, on a case by case basis, accept others members in consideration of the goals of the Association.

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Webinars, recordings, newsletters and case study discussions


Find guidance and support about the strategic positioning and core competencies for Healthcare Compliance Professionals

"ETHICS is an association run by its members for its members to challenge our thinking and to help with our professional and personal development. We have built a strong network that enables us to support each other through difficult times as well as celebrating good times. Join us today!"
Sue Egan
"Sharing best practice with appreciated colleagues is an important point of ETHICS. But also discussion about challenges and approaches in the faster rotating carousel of (compliance) environment in the healthcare sector is always valuable and inspiring."
Michael Bartke
"When I am asked the question as to "How do I learn in this complex and changing Compliance environment" my answer is always mentioning the ETHICS association where I am always getting powerful and valuable insights, incredibly instrumental to my own vision as a Compliance officer".
Stephen Nguyen Duc

Options of Membership

All of our members have equal standing within ETHICS. We offer three payment levels to reflect different abilities to contribute financially to our Association - select the option that works best for you.
Contributing Members
billed annualy

Individuals able to help the Association through payment of a special annual subscription fee.

International Members
billed annualy

Individuals ready to demonstrate and implement a positive contribution to the Association’s purpose and take part actively in its works and activities at the international level.

Concession Members
billed annually

International and local chapter members in countries ranked below 50 on the IMF list of countries by GDP per capita at PPP.

If you are a student,
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