About ETHICS Association

Code of Professional Conduct

for Healthcare Ethics & Compliance Professionals

The work we do as Healthcare Ethics & Compliance Professionals is aimed at fostering an ethical organisational culture and enabling our organisations to embody in their vision, mission, strategy and activities, the public interest (i.e. the interests of patients and of the healthcare system, as well as those of society and of the environment).

We are striving to ensure a fair, transparent and empowering synergy between organisational objectives and such public interest.

This includes setting and maintaining an effective ethics and compliance program with a focus on identifying, preventing, detecting, and mitigating ethics and compliance risks as well as supporting ethical behaviour.

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Healthcare Ethics & Compliance (“HEC”) Professionals must conduct their activities in an independent manner that is driven by the best interests of patients, safeguarding unbiased medical judgement, the healthcare system, society and the environment, applying the highest ethical standards, with integrity and respecting applicable laws, regulations and codes at all times.

HEC Professionals must act with honesty, judgement, and fairness, both in their professional and personal capacities, embodying personal integrity and acting as role models.

HEC Professionals must promote the credibility of their profession, its value as a guardian of the interests of patients, of unbiased medical judgement, the healthcare system, society, and the environment. They must never bring discredit upon the profession.

HEC Professionals must implement, maintain and continuously improve effective compliance programs that:

  • A.
    Protect their employers from the risk of breaches, misconduct and penalties
  • B.
    Translate applicable laws, regulations and codes into operational guidance
  • C.
    Generate competitive advantage
  • D.
    Enable their organisations to make the right choices in the interests of patients, the healthcare system, society, the environment and the long-term interests of their organisations.