2016 General Assembly Presentations

Below are the agenda and presentations from the ETHICS 2016 General Assembly held on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September 2016 at the Clifford Chance offices in Paris.

Agenda ethics-general-assembly-2016-agenda-final

Thursday 29 September 2016

Introduction by Dominique Laymand, ETHICS President 1-05-ethics-ga-introduction

Annual review and formal resolutions from Arthur Muratyan, ETHICS General Secretary 1-10-ethics-ga-secretary-general

Annual financial review from Pascale Paimbault, ETHICS Treasurer 1-15-ethics-ga-treasurer

Update on ETHICS Education Programme by Dave O’Shaughnessy, ETHICS Board Member 1-30-education-support

Best Practices Sharing Work Stream Update by Cécile Gousset, ETHICS Strategic Committee Member 1-40-best-practices-sharing

Competency Profiles Work Stream Update by ETHICS Members Andreas Gascard and Katalin Pungor, and ETHICS Strategic Committee Member Tamara Tubin 1-50-competency-profiles

Friday 30 September 2016

Codes of Conduct Panel led by ETHICS Strategic Committee Member, Anthony McQuillan 2-10-codes-of-conduct-panel

Transparency International’s Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Programme by Sophie Peresson of TI (followed by Panel Discussion led by ETHICS Member Abdul Luheshi) 2-20-ti-corruption-in-healthcare

ETHICS Deontological Code Update by ETHICS Member Piergiorgio Pepe 2-30-ethics-code-of-conduct

Evolution of White Collar Crimes by Peter Dieners of Clifford Chance 2-40-evolution-of-white-collar-crimes

Keynote Speech by M. Xavier Hubert, former Legal Advisor at French Economy Ministry

Panel on Business Integrity and Ethics led by ETHICS Board Member, Stephen Nguyen-Duc 2-60-business-integrity-n-ethics-panel-introduction

We hope that all our members and guests enjoyed the content and the networking opportunities at our 2016 General Assembly.  We look forward to seeing you again at future events.  The ETHICS Board.

If you have any feedback on the 2016 General Assembly, please contact us.