Gabor Danielfy Scholarship for Healthcare Compliance and Ethics


We are very pleased to announce the Gabor Danielfy Scholarship in Healthcare Compliance and Ethics


Seton Hall Law School, Sciences Po, and ETHICS – the International Society of Healthcare Ethics and Compliance Professionals, recognize the importance of offering professional development and continuing education opportunities to health care and legal professionals working for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and those who with a demonstrated financial need. To this end, effort will be made to offer scholarships to individuals who will benefit professionally from attendance at the European Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program offered by Seton Hall Law School and Sciences Po. Scholarships will be limited in number and will be awarded based on professional qualifications, financial need, application submission date, and availability of funds.

Gabor Danielfy, Leader and Visionary

Gabor DanielfyGabor Danielfy is the inspiration behind this scholarship. Gabor strived continuously towards excellence in ethics and compliance and has inspired many others to continue his work. He was a respected leader and visionary in the global pharmaceutical and medical device compliance and ethics movement. Gabor worked with Seton Hall Law and Sciences Po to develop a rigorous core curriculum for the European Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Certificate Program. The program was launched in 2010 and is offered twice each year in Europe. Gabor passed away in 2011.

For more information, including how to apply for the scholarship and how to donate funds, click here.