2013 General Assembly Presentations

On this page, we have set out the agenda, meeting review notes and all the presentations from the Society’s 2013 General Assembly.  Please click on the links to open and download files.

Agenda: 00 Ethics General Assembly Agenda

Meeting Notes: 2013 ETHICS General Assembly Review – Final

Please note that the meeting notes include a request (on page 3) for ETHICS members to ask their HR colleagues a few questions and send the responses to Sue Egan at Ethicspros@gmail.com by close of business (your local time) on 13th December 2013 if possible.

Secretary General, Arthur Muratyan: 01 Ethics Secretary General

Treasurer, Pascale Paimbault: 03 Ethics Treasurer

General Assembly resolutions, Arthur Muratyan: 05 Ethics Resolutions

Global Compliance Benchmark Survey: 20 Ethics Global Compliance Benchmarking Survey

Work Streams Session – The Value of Transparency: 30 Ethics Work Stream – Transparency and 30 Transparency Tracker by Country; Toolkit 40 Ethics Work Stream – Toolkit; (note that a discussion took place without slides for the Continuing Education work stream)

Roundtable: External Ethics and Compliance Perspective 1 – Healthcare Professionals: Overview 60 Ethics HCP Perspective

Roundtable: Business Ethics: Prof. Coleman 80 Ethics and Compliance – Coleman; Prof. Wieland 70 Ethics – Wieland

Roundtable: External Ethics and Compliance Perspective 2 – Third Parties: 90 Ethics ACRO Roundtable