2014 General Assembly Presentations

Below are the agenda, all the presentations, and some photographs taken at the ETHICS Society’s 2014 General Assembly, held on Friday 03 October at the Clifford Chance offices in Paris.  Please click on the links to open and download the presentations and our gallery of pictures from the day.

Please SAVE THE DATE for our 2015 General Assembly: Thursday 08 October 2015, which will again take place at the Clifford Chance offices in Place Vendôme, Paris.

Agenda: 00 ETHICS GA Agenda 2014 v2

Secretary General, Arthur Muratyan: 10 ETHICS GA – Secretary General

Treasurer, Pascale Paimbault: 15 ETHICS GA – Treasurer v2

General Assembly resolutions, Arthur Muratyan: CONSEIL APPROBATION COMPTES 2013 ETHICS 40916-3-2838 v0.2[1]

Website Update, Sue Egan: 25 ETHICS Website – Members Area v2

Work Streams Session:

Competency Model, Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Andy Gascard, Katalin Pungor: 31 ETHICS Competency Model for HCC v2

Educational Partnerships, Dominique Laymand, Isaure Kergall: 32 ETHICS GA – Educational Partnerships

French Chapter, Isaure Kergall: 40 ETHICS GA – French Chapter

Best Practice Sharing, Cécile Gousset, Ingrid Callies, Piergiorgio Pepe: 33 ETHICS GA – Best Practice Sharing v3

Lessons Learned from Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs): 45 ETHICS GA – Corporate Integrity Agreements

Ethical Blindness – Why good managers make bad decisions, Professor Palazzo: 51 ETHICS GA – Ethical Blindness

Professor Palazzo has a free online course available via Coursera

Preventing Corruption & Bribery – perspectives from the regulators, Paul Vincke: 52 ETHICS GA – Preventing Bribery and Corruption EHFCN

Values-based versus Rules-based Approach to Business Ethics, Professor Anquetil: 53 ETHICS GA – Values versus Rules v2

Panel Questions: 60 ETHICS GA – Panel Discussion

Pictures taken at our General Assembly can be found in our gallery: ETHICS-General-Assembly-2014-Photographs