2020 ETHICS General Assembly – Presentations available now!

ETHICS held its Annual General Assembly on 12-13 November 2020 and went online for safety reasons. Thank you for joining us and making this event a success with about 200 participants!

  • Full audio recording of the General Assembly (available soon)

The administrative part of the 2020 ETHICS General Assembly was partly pre-recorded to allow all ETHICS members to get a complete overview of the activities conducted throughout the last year. Additionally, a short live session of the ordinary General Assembly was held on 12 November and open to ETHICS members only. 

You can find below the links to the pre-recorded presentations (Activities Reports) made available for ETHICS members:

Last but not least, a critical milestone has been achieved by ETHICS over the last year and a half. The Association finalised its Code of Professional Conduct for Healthcare Ethics & Compliance Professionals, thanks to a dedicated teams of experts led by Piergiorgio Pepe and Stephen Nguyen-Duc.

The draft was presented to all ETHICS members at the 2020 General Assembly, and will be formally endorsed by the ETHICS Board in the coming weeks and shared with ETHICS members.

The final document will have a fully-fledged look and feel and a global Communication Plan was designed to ensure effective dissemination of the Code beyond the ETHICS membership in the months to come. We rely on all ETHICS members to help us promote the Code once it is final! If you have priviledged contact with the media in your region, and are happy to support the Code promotion, please contact: director@ethicspros.com.